[ˈmɛsɪdʒ ˈ ɪn ə ˈbɑtl̩ ]

In the year 1966
I experimented with a message in a bottle, in German: Flaschenpost.
I was grown up in Neu-Ulm, where the tributary Iller meets the Danube. On the mouth of the Iller I started my experiment. Before I had taken an old beer bottle, put my message in and tightly closed it. have a good trip!
gute Reise!
bon voyage!
During my performance to the ['do:naû] project in October 2017,
I found on the Danube mouth near Vylkowe a bottle in the sand. First I was not interested, but than a saw that there was a notice inside so I fished it out and.. what do you think which message it contained?