florafallalla -water from the Danube- Danube estuary October 2017
Fourth part of the ['do:naû] project

Last performance: florafallalla takes some water at the Danube mouth. Click to Enlarge Near Tulcea, the biggest port at the edge of the Danube-Delta, the Danube divides three estuaries: The Chilia mouth, the Sulina mouth and the Sfantu-Georghe mouth. Concerning the charta of the Europeean Danube Commission from 1856, florafallalla has chosen the Sulina mouth for her action. mittlerer Arm
Click to Enlarge The estuary at the Chilia mouth near Vylkowe. River kilometre 0. From its source to its estuary, here the Danube has its longest length. wie lang ist die Donau? River kilometre 0 at the middle estuary in Sulina.
hier mündets
more water...
Click to Enlarge The water of the Danube is supplied from 19 different countries. We all drink the same water, no matter which religion or denomination, no matter what colour or nationality.
This has been our ['do:naû] project.
Besides to the Danube mouth, florafallalla performed in Budapest, Vienna and Egling.
Budapest Wien Egling

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